September 11, 2019

Been a hot minute

I am ready for this Summer to pack her bags and head out the damn door!  Between the flare ups, the bloating distension, and all other things related to having Gastroparesis, the worst have been the HOT FLASHES!!! Jeez, I’ve been having a rough go at it.  I just want some peace.  Everyday has been a constant struggle and I’m tired.  So tired…

Can you imagine being told you’ll be in pain 24 hours a day, 365 days a year…   Now, imagine there’s NO CURE… 

Feeling a little down today – rather, been feeling this way since last week.  So, I’ve been trying to lift myself out of it.  I’ve been looking for things that’s going to hold and keep my attention; something that’s going to allow me not to think about having Diabetes Gastroparesis, or Diabetes, or Nerve Damage in both legs where I can’t even walk 40 steps in front of me without getting leg cramps.


I like creating, I like colors, I like jotting things down on pieces of paper or writing little quotes or tiny stories… I’m going to do this for my illness.  It will be my living-journal in what I go through on a daily basis; the ups and down.  This will also be something I will leave for Olivia. So that she will understand what her “Thooties” went through and have to knowledge about this dreadful illness.  I pray that in her lifetime, a cure or a better way of handling/dealing with Gastroparesis will at least happens.

That’s it in a nutshell.

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