September 29, 2019

How’s the knees doing?

It’s been a week and some days since that awful fall – dead on my knees.  They’re coming along.  The left knee healed up quicker than the right knew.  I’m putting “Scar Away” on it so that the scarring will be at a minimum.  The right knee however, is not doing all that great.  Still quite painful and the wound is larger.  Overall, the knees themselves

hurts like hell… still!

I’m still putting Neosporin on the right knee.  This week coming, I’m going to leave the bandages off because the open air is going to help it heal as well, and I don’t need for it to get infected.  Okay?  No infections!!!

The second bandage, last Thursday night, I tripped over the air purifier.  Yea, I did!  LOL I was walking into the kitchen to turn on the kitchen light and bang!  Tripped over it and another scar.  pretty soon, my legs are going to be nothing but a battle field.  I see that the older I get, the more my skin doesn’t heal the way that it used to.  Like, it takes forever for a wound to heal and the scab to fall off.  Sometimes, it’s painful and I have to suffer through it and pick it off in order to relieve some of the pain.

I don’t know how and why I’m taking spills out in the streets at the age that I am.  But, I am.  Got to be more careful.  Sometimes I feel like my equilibrium is off.  But on the 18th, I was fine.  Saw the curb, just missed.  Go figure.  LOL

Old woman such as myself. Looking at the pictures, I can see my old scars from when I fell when I was a kid racing.  I was running, tripped and scrapped up the heck out of my knees and arms.  Still noticeable to this day.  Ha!  Can’t say, I didn’t have a fun childhood.

I’ve been working on this site for the better part of the day.  I’ve changed it and couldn’t figure out how to fix the front page.  So, now I’m back to the old theme and I”m leaving it alone.  No need.  I’ll use it for another site that I plan on putting together.  Another story, another time.

Got to finish putting the last details I want together and then I’m going to crash.  My daughter is coming a bit later and I need to be awake.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment with the Cosmetic Surgeon for that last appointment.  Don’t want to go, but I feel that I should give them my money if I don’t show up! 😉

Over and out.

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