September 29, 2019

When I’ve felt sad or on the verge of being depressed

The last couple of months I found myself feeling down and blue.  I didn’t want to lay in bed anymore with the covers over my head and because I’ve been feeling like a prison in my own home.  Then, the thought struck me when I while I was doing internet research on Gastroparesis: scrapbooking.  I can spend hours looking at web pages after web pages in hopes that I can find that “needle in the haystack.”   I’ve been finding myself being a bit obsessive at looking at webpages.  Same old story, but a different page –

  • Incurable
  • So many reason why you could’ve gotten it
    • not keeping your diabetes or blood sugars under control
  • No education

So many reasons.  LOL  I’ve pretty much ran through a great deal of sites.  And it can be quite depressing.  I know.  I’ve had my days where I sat alone and in the dark (at times) and cried.  Cried until I couldn’t anymore.  Got angry and disgusted.  Even at one time, I literally blamed myself because I believed that it was my fault.

I got over that bullshit!

I don’t know why I got it (will post another time on my prognosis).  It just happened that way and this is my reality.  So to keep my sanity, my upbeat persona, I’m going to give scrapbooking a try.  And I gotta say… I’m so back at it.  LMAO!  See, told ya I was back at it!  Never said I could draw, but i”m going to give this a go!  I’m mainly doing it because whenever thing is a said, done, deal, I would like for my granddaughter and future grandkids to know what I’ve gone through.  I would like to think that a cure will be found for Gastroparesis, and if not a cure, at least a better management system.  That is my hope.   This post is done.  😉  Make sure you get your giggles on with my little try to do first page.  Ha!

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