October 12, 2019

Another Sleepless Night

When does it stop?

Since last week, I’ve been dealing with painful bloating and burning in my stomach.  Now, within these two weeks, I’ve consumed less than 5 small meals; for each time I did have that meal, the flare up would be 2 notches more bad.  No matter what I do, I’m not finding any kind of relief.  And this is what’s pissing me off about this __________ disease!  So hard to understand it, as nothing was explained to me other than to “try and keep my blood sugar under control.”

What I’m experiencing is called

Bloating and Distension

What is bloating and distension?

There are several reasons why one can experience it:

  • accumulated gas in the Intestines;
  • bacteria in the small intestine;
  • an imbalance of microorganisms in the bowels;
  • food intolerance;
  • sensitivity in the digestive tract and
  • increase curvature in the lumbar region.
When you have Gastroparesis

It is suggested that the bloating is a common system.  Bloating severity appears to be related to the intensity of other gastroparesis systems, but not affected by gastric emptying rates.  Source: https://iffgd.org/symptoms-causes/bloating-and-distension.html

That is the whole jist of it if you do internet research.

I’ve research the problem and the true reason why it happens.  No one – medical field or otherwise do not know the reason why.  When looking up treatment(s) for relief, once again, there’s really not treatment.

So… I have a motility disorder, disease, chronic illness – whatever you want to call it, Gastroparesis is truly limited to medication or a cure.  Wednesday 10/9/19, I was reduced to tears.  I felt like I couldn’t go on.  My stomach looked as if it had a 12 pound baby in it.  I try to make sure that I keep my large intestine purged.  Truly horrible disease.

This is something I would not wish on my worst enemy.  If I had to do something like that, then I would wish they had Camel fleas in their pubic reason and their arms were too short to scratch!  😆 

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