October 16, 2019

Trying to make the best of it

Have the little one with me this Sunday.  It’s been a good day – except I was in the purge process earlier today.  Getting better.  I’m just tired.  So tired.  And I have to take her hair out and get it ready for her mom to do.

There’s no school tomorrow, so she’s staying the night.   I have to find something for her to eat.  Since I can no longer eat regular food, I’ve stopped stocking up the pantry.


Her mom stopped by last night and brought some stuff for her.  🙂  Yay!  Now, my concern now is… who’s going to be picking her up later today?  She has school tomorrow, my daughter works this evening and her and the baby’s dad is not getting along right now.  For some reason, the dad got himself a ‘renewed’ relationship with a woman he’s been dealing with, for a couple of years.  She doesn’t care too much for my daughter.  As of late, they haven’t been getting long.  🙁   Oh well, not my business.  Just the baby..

On to other things, since I’ve gotten into Art Journaling, it’s been pretty interesting to me and quite costy!  I’ve been buying supplies that I feel will get me started.  Now… I got the journals, the pens, pencils, markers and some paint (will need more).  Next the mediums and some stencils.  I just received my shipment of Distress Ink and will need some reinkers, and some stencils.  The last part I will need is some Distress Ink and more printable rice paper.

Then I’ll be done for awhile.  I really spent some money on these supplies.  Nothing is going to waste!  I’ve been creating, testing, watching YouTube videos and I will be ordering me a couple of books.

Now, some of these YouTube videos go back some years and the places where I want to order something, they’re either on hiatus or out of business as far as I can tell.  It’s a bit of a bother because there are something things I’ve taken an interest in, and I’m not getting what I want due to this.

[Update 10/16]

I’m so tired.  I’ve been starting work earlier, and can’t go to sleep partly because I’m on YouTube looking at art journaling videos, or Amazon to see what’s the latest supplies I plan to purchase.  Pretty costly and I’m going to get to a point where I’m going to stop.  Because I’ve been spending money left and right.  Money I should be spending on… let’s just say towards my goals of getting my credit cards paid down.  Yea, gotta stop.  LOL

Like this post, have to bring it to an end. 😉

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