April 18, 2021

The Restart

Wow… it’s been some time since I’ve done anything to this site.  I don’t think I’ve made a posting since 2019.  I should feel ashamed.  Well,  you know how life can be sometimes… busy, busy, busy, or just the will to not do anything at all.

Still in the same boat with my chronic illnesses.  Some days are good, some days are bad.  And then, there are the days where my stubbornness reels it’s ugly head and I put myself into worst conditions because I want to eat “real food.”  Eating “real food” as I know it, can be quite detrimental to my health and then; I’m just not caring.  Not in the least.  But the suffering behind it it ridiculous.  And yet, it happens.

Moving right along…

I’ve been keeping up with my Art Journaling.  🙂  Oooo weee… the dollars I’ve spent on craft items.

Again, I should be ashamed…

But I’m not.  Ha!  Love my stamps, inks, paints, paper and all the other doodads.  Love it all.  My Craft Stash has been my saving grace.   When the pain gets too much to bear, I sit in the craft room and create.

To which, this is why I’m restarting my site.

I want to revamp it a bit so that I can start posting all my creations; talk about different products; my fails, misses and triumphs.  It’s been two years  since I’ve been diagnosed.  Not going away, so yea… I’m going to move things around.

Look for the changes.  😉


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